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I'm sure there's a file at the local police station marked "Misc" with crimes in it that just can't be classified, e.g. converting cows to Buddhism.  Similarly, some horrendous poetry can't be easily classified.  Some of it is in a lump below.
The amazing Gerardus
At http://www.soulwise.net/gosindex.htmyou will find a truly awe-inspiring collection of not just bad poems, but incredible arrogance and vanity.  It begins with the title page:
Welcome to...  MY LATER POEMS 
You have entered one of the most mystical spots in Cyber - Space.  My Poems are The Mystical Secrets of my Soul and They will make your splendid Spirit soar.  My poems are my Children and I do not really know which one I love more.  All of them are the very Secrets of my Soul and some of them are outrageously beautiful.  What else can I say?  There are only 540 of them. Wow!   Please pick your favorite number and give it a gentle click.   I'm sure you will love them...
The preface to the first collection goes like this...
To One and All...
The poems in the following * POEMS01.HTM * file have been arranged in the order they have been written.   The depth and nature of the poems therefore indicate the changes the author experienced during the time they were produced. There are more than 540 poems and the quality between the first ones and the last ones is remarkable!
Many of the poems practically wrote themselves and all I had to do was sit still long enough for them to come through.  At the time I was totally amazed where they all came from.  Often I thought that I had become that good all of a sudden.  This naturally is not so, for all I did was function as an instrument or channel of the Soul I really am. I hope that many of these poems speak to the Soul you are, and if so; they really come from you!
The poems in all their "simplicity and profoundness" form a course in metaphysics just by themselves.  It is possible therefore to go through them one by one, and learn more than by reading a stack of books.  The poems in these files are aspects of my Higher Self and with great pleasure do I hereby dedicate them:
   - To the World of Man and his Infinite Endeavours -
Only because of the steady performance of my Benefactors have my poems been realized.  Humbly I acknowledge the great changes and growth that took place within me in the years 1979 to 1984.
Sincerely yours,
Gerardus Everardus Tros

I bet that's got you interested!  It's rare that a poet fully realises his own brilliance to the extent that Gerardus does.  His "benefactors" should be hunted down and shot.  Now let us delve into his work...

Blare out these Lines loud and bold
    renewing Sense that's grown too old
Blare them out in Sky and Space
    renewing Mind in Soul Embrace
Blare them out and feel my Sound
    renewing Thoughts that have unwound
Blare them out and hear the Sooth
    renewing you with total Truth
Wow!  Already I'm regretting having read all those books during my lifetime.  This metaphysical wonder has rendered them all useless.
Blare them out Line for Line
    renewing you... a Spirit Divine.
I am the Poet who died and left
          and was of his due recognition bereft.
It's all right, Gerardus. I recognise your genius.
But now I relive to continue still
          to speak with power and determined will.
I speak with inspiration from Planes Divine
          to create again the words that are mine.
I do not respeak for the recognition I need
          but the bring a message for you to heed.
So pay attention to the time I am around
          for the message I repeat has no hollow sound.
My God - he's God!
"In this World where you live
     in company with your Brother

         and your Eternal Soul

      you are to live and remember

  your ultimate Purpose and final Goal"

I won't post any more of Gerardus.  As he says, there are hundreds of his New Age declarations of truth (or is it Sooth?) at his web site

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