Scientific Achievements
Here's a list of 20 inventions and scientific goals I'd like to see achieved in my lifetime.
I update this page every month or so with links to the latest research into these potential world-shaking concepts.
Alternatively - try typing these into Google and find out for yourself!
If anyone finds any relevant news on anything here PLEASE let me know. elwoodherring (at)
All of these things are considered "Science Fiction" but some are actually becoming possible right now.
Last updated 15 Oct 2014 (Fusion energy, organ growth, anti-ageing). Current total: 106. For ratings see below

 Score Description As seen in...I PredictCurrent situation
 10 Flying car or Practical electric car Back to the Future 2 2010Available (maybe) but expensive!
 10 Commercial Space Travel 2001 A Space Odyssey 2010Current est. cost (2011) 250,000
 10 Mind Control over Machinery ? 2009Available NOW!
  9 Organ / Limb regeneration X-Men / Heroes 2020Liver, skin, heart, brain cell growth in lab
  9 Fusion Power or  Zero Point Energy Back to the Future 2 2025Fusion reactors being built
  8 Artificial Intelligence (Turing Test) 2001 (HAL) 2020"Watson" on Jeopardy TV quiz
  7 Invisibility or Cloaking device Predator / Hollow Man 2020Some interesting developments
  7 Immortality / Longevity / Anti-Ageing Highlander 2020Average UK lifespan=80 in 2007, 81 in 2014
  5 Anti-Gravity / Gravity control / Levitation Star Trek 2020Some small-scale demonstrations made
  5 Non-lethal incapacitation weapon Star Trek (of course) 2020"Phasers on Stun" would save lives
  4 Earthquake prediction ? 2020Short term predictions possible
  3 Alien Contact / Signals discovered (SETI) Contact 2050Still no sign of E.T.
  3 Teleportation / Matter Transmission Star Trek 2050TP of atoms achieved June 2004
  3 Instant Education Device / IQ booster The Matrix / Forbidden Planet 2020At last (2011) I have a link to something!
  3 Moon/Mars habitation 2001 / Total Recall 2060Theoretically possible but risky
  3 Dream or Thought Recorder Strange Days / 6th Day 2020Tentative first steps made in this area
  3 Interstellar Travel Star Trek 2060Initial experiments suggested
  2 Force Field / Invisible armour Star Trek 2050Tentative first steps made
  1 Weather Control ? 2030Impossible at present
  1  Time Travel The Time Machine 2100Probably impossible
  0 Talking to the Dead Ghost / The Sixth Sense NeverDon't be silly!

10Product available / Target achieved
9Product in testing stage / Target in sight
8Advanced prototypes constructed
7Initial prototypes developed
6Advanced experimentation achieved
5Initial experiments made
4Advanced research in progress
3Continuing research underway
2Initial research started
1May be possible - theories devised
0Apparently impossible (at present)

Scores (out of possible 200) (links go to archive copies of this page)
Jun 200469 
Jun 200570 
Jun 200671 
Jun 200772 
Jun 200885New items added in 2008 - limb regeneration, Moon habitation, non-lethal weapon.
Also two items have been combined - Fusion power and Zero point energy. Otherwise score would be 75
Jun 200987 
Jun 201087No overall change. Anti-Ageing and Moon colonisation go from 2 to 3 but I've knocked Invisibility down 2 places.
Nov 201092Invisibility, fusion power & anti-ageing all up 1, organ regeneration up 2
Feb 201195Brain booster research now underway, and Watson the supercomputer plays Jeopardy
Jun 201196Liver, skin & Brain cells grown in lab, and education machine gets a boost
Jul 201197Invisibility goes up one place - lots of interesting news stories on this topic
Sep 201198Thought recorder in development
Aug 201299Research into anti-ageing accelerating
Sep 2012100Interesting new take on warp drive brings my score board to 100 for the first time.
Apr 2013101I've put Longevity up 1 point in light of recent developments.
Dec 2013102Organ regeneration has really started to take off this year, given a boost by the use of 3d printing technology.
Aug 2014103Interstellar travel given a boost by the latest discovery of "impossible" microwave thrusters
Oct 2014106Fusion power a step closer, plus lots of news on human organs grown in labs. Anti-ageing up 1 too.

It would appear that we are advancing slowly but surely - despite all the current anti-Science rhetoric from religious extremists.

Note that some of these ideas are linked; e.g.
A successful anti-gravity machine would be a great help in achieving cheap space flight
Harnessing zero-point energy would give us the possibility of interstellar travel
And an IQ booster or instant learning device could help us achieve everything on this list.

If anybody has any information or updates concerning these ideas
or if you disagree with my scoring then email me (elwoodherring (at)
However, I reserve the right to remain on the side of the ardent sceptic.

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