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Photos taken before 2000 are by my father Geoffrey Williams. All others were taken by me.

Please note I am NOT a professional photographer, and my camera is not an expensive one.
Higher quality versions are available if anyone wants them. Email me at elwoodherring (at)

For an excellent archive of Birmingham photos, please see this site by D. J. Norton


Below are some miscellaneous photos I have taken of my local stamping ground.

December 1973 - The River Rea at the bottom of Meadow Brook Road (now completely overgrown and unreachable) ... my favourite spot by the stream. I used to be fascinated with running water as a child.

29 Jul 1984 - View of Shenley Lane from the top of Bristol Road. No fence to hide the view back then. 10 Feb 1985 - Same view with a light dusting of snow. Note the new fence.

10 Feb 1985 - A lovely shot of the river (ok stream) in the snow. 10 Feb 1985 - Another peek over the fence at Shenley Lane in the snow. There is now a much higher fence there which blocks the view entirely. Pity.

10 Feb 1985 - Photos of Cannon Hill Park in the snow. .

10 Feb 1985 - Photos of Cannon Hill Park in the snow. .

June 2005 - One of my favourite photos - the old iron footbridge over the River Rea. It's really only a stream, and it's quite possible to jump over it at this point! June 2005 - The chestnut tree on Spiceland Road / Shenley Lane where I used to collect conkers.

June 2005 - Overgrown trees and bushes over the River Rea June 2005 - The now disused concrete bridge over the same river where I used to play as a kid. It's sad to see it like this. It doesn't lead anywhere now as the school bought the land and extended their fence right across the path which used to be a shortcut to Northfield.

13 Jan 1985 - My dad took this photo of the stream from the concrete bridge. 14 June 2005 - My shot of the exact same spot 20 years later.

June 2005 - Top of Church Hill, by St. Laurence Church (The old nailer's cottages). June 2005 - Top of Church Hill, by St. Laurence Church (From other side of bend)

May 2006 - A better view of the Bournville Lane boating pool. May 2006 - A view of Northfield from the house in Spiceland Rd where I grew up.

23 July 2005 - Bell Holloway 23 July 2005 - The old entrance to Merritts Brook park in The Holloway opposite Meadow Brook Road. I remember when there used to be an old style stile here! Wish I had a picture of that.

May 2006 - The exact spot in Cannon Hill Park where the Moody Blues stood for this photo on their album In Search of the Lost Chord. (Now I need to find where the Led Zeppelin IV album cover was shot!) 03 May 2005 - The demolition of the Traveller's Rest pub to make way for the Hyperspace Bypass.

03 May 2005 - Going... going... Almost certainly the last ever photo of the Traveller's Rest pub.