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Poetry, music, art and miscellaneous mayhem - Last updated 9th Jan 2016 (New piano piece) (I'm also on Facebook and Soundcloud.)
This website has nothing whatsoever to do with fishing or angling

"I am self-taught in the matter of harmony, counterpoint, form, and, in short, the whole of the 'mystery' of music...When I resolved to become a musician and found that the exigencies of life would prevent me from getting any tuition, the only thing to do was to teach myself. I read everything, played everything, and heard everything I possibly could." -Edward Elgar-
Me too - Elwood

What's your interest?   Music?  Art?  Poetry?  Puzzles?  It's all here!
Read the semi-fictional biography of Elwood Herring, the brains behind...

"...I was interested to see the diversity and quality of your work" - MIKE BATT
"Can't say whether you could professionalise it all, but definitely keep oscillating." - RON GEESIN
"Your music has an odd, original sensibility" - KYLE GANN
"Very interesting music... what a world!" - MICHAEL SHRIEVE (Santana)
"Elwood Herring is to classical music as Friedensreich Hundertwasser is to architecture" - DAVE FERRÉ
"Keep up the good work - and have faith in your own insights" - JONTY HARRISON
"You have some really good compositional skills" - JON DANIELS
"This guy is not well-known but he's great! His music is way out there and his talents are many" - LOREN ROSEMAN
" of the best websites I've been to. Easy to navigate, true poetry (laughter, weeping and outrage)..." - DMD
"...what a strange, seething mind... I like it!" - "Eolh93"

My Musical Experiments
Music that will tie your ears in knots. Plenty of free downloadable noises.

My Mind-Expanding Poetry
Laugh, weep & rage with me
Exceptional Poetry by Others
Okay, so I'm not the only poet in the universe...
Really BAD poetry
Advice to aspiring Internet poets
(Courtesy of

Martian News
Space news from a Martian viewpoint.
My Malicious Mazes
Get lost! In my mazes that is...
My Portrait Gallery
Not much here at the moment

Computer problem page
Quick guide to common PC problems
Heroes & Villains
People I admire (or possibly not) and why
No, not mine but anything I'd like to see achieved

My Computer collection
Strictly for tech-heads like me
Classical music oddities
Asked for in record shops...
Links to my favourite sites
Internet oddities I've discovered

Review my book - a personal view of Classical music here (Updated Jan 2016 - Microsoft Word document)

Read my mad conversation with Jabberwacky the Artificial Intelligence program here (Open with Wordpad)

PAREIDOLIA is the phenomenon of seeing faces in random objects.
Here's a great example taken from my own back garden!
See the huge "face" in the window?

If you think music is an unimportant luxury, read this true story - it might just change your mind.

(Who is this ergophobic ectomorph, Smithers?)

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